Why you as a buyer need an inspection  

When you are looking to buy a new property it is easy to get carried away by charming photos and descriptions.
Even at a viewing of the property it can be hard for an untrained eye to see what is what when it comes to safe and correct building methods.
We can help you see and understand all the things you need to know before you make the decision to buy the property or not - and at what price.


  • What is the state of the roof on the property? Is it ok or does it need any repairs?  Maybe it even needs to be completely replaced with a new roof? It is important to investigate this thoroughly since a new roof can cost as much as 20.000 € or more, depending on size and other factors.
  • How about drainage? Is it correctly done or is the foundation starting to sink due to poor drainage? Has damp started to rise up in the walls? If so, a problem like this can most often be solved relatively easy by correcting the faulty drainage. Sometimes though, it has caused so severe damage to the house that it no longer would be considered safe to live in it because of risks to your health.
  • What paint has been used on the facade and other walls of the house? This is not only a question of  aesthetics, but also about function, safety and durability. Will the paint used, allow the house to breathe and stay healthy, or will it suffocate the house and start to peel off in 6 months?
  • What sort of access is there to the property? A dirt road can function very well all year round under the right circumstances. Be aware though, that some deteriorate when the wet season comes, and might become a struggle to navigate even with a four wheel drive.
Of course any list of examples could be made very long, but we hope this has given you an idea of why an inspection is a good investment.
It can make the difference in between you buying your forever dream home  - or it turning into a terrible nightmare you can't wake up from.